is changing.

Thanks to all of your suggestions we will continue our newsletters in September - with a new focus:

Times Tables.

Each week we'll share our best ideas to help you help your children to understand and remember their Times Tables.


What do you get?
A weekly email with links to great ideas, strategies, tips, games, images and fun activities for indoor and outdoor learning... all the best ways to bring maths to life for you and your children. 

What you don't get... 
Hassle, electronic games, silly songs, boring flashcards, cheesy clip-art or hundreds of worksheets.

Don't miss out - this is your chance to prepare your children for a life of mathematical enjoyment
(whatever their age).

A few of our members have said they missed some of our regular Summer issues.  As from next week we are changing our email provider to ensure all our posts do get through.  If you have been affected, don't worry... we are sorting it so you won't miss out.