Welcome to the Summer of Maths

Maths really is everywhere!

Almost all of our daily activities involve maths in some form or other. The idea of the Summer of Maths is to start noticing these opportunities. 

​Maths isn't a gift, it's a skill. And any skill can be polished.

To polish and perfect a skill or we need are chances to practice.​

All the ideas and activities here are starting points for things to do and things to ask or talk about. Think of them as springboards... if you use just a couple of these ideas it will be enough to start making maths meaningful and interesting... for everyone!

If you like what's here, please let us know - if you want more (or less) of a particular thing for future issues, let us know. If you want to contribute an idea please do - we want to hear from you!

Enjoyment Comes First
Whatever, whenever or wherever you work on maths ideas keep the focus on enjoyment. If there comes a time (and[...]

This Week's Ideas for Everyone

Summer Holiday Drawing Competition
Does your child love superheroes? Does your child love drawing? National Numeracy and the Maths on Toast website have combined[...]
Jacks: a simple card game
This is a fun little card game. We often play it on train journeys because it doesn't take up much[...]
CAFE CHALLENGE: well-behaved numbers
This is for one of those Coffee Shop moments? You know, the time when you just want to stop, rest and[...]
Some Fishy Shaped Maths
The wonderful Krokotak.com website has recently published this creative fish model. My daughter is a great fan of all animals[...]
“Are We There Yet?”
Car journeys can be frustrating for everyone. If you are off on a trip soon, you may find that this[...]
Shopping Corrections
How do you make supermarket shopping bearable for everyone? If you're like me, you know full well how draining a[...]
Hi-tech Treasure Hunts: geocaching
You may not have heard of 'Geocaching'... it's a wonderful outdoor activity. You can think of it as a mixture of[...]
You know when you need to stop, rest and grab a quick coffee - but you also know you need to[...]