Welcome to the Summer of Maths  #2

Maths really is everywhere!

Almost all of our daily activities involve maths in some form or other. The idea of the Summer of Maths is to start noticing these opportunities. 

​Maths isn't a gift, it's a skill. And any skill can be polished.

To polish and perfect a skill or we need are chances to practice.​

All the ideas and activities here are starting points for things to do and things to ask or talk about. Think of them as springboards... if you use just a couple of these ideas it will be enough to start making maths meaningful and interesting... for everyone!

If you like what's here, please let us know - if you want more (or less) of a particular thing for future issues, let us know. If you want to contribute an idea please do - we want to hear from you!

Enjoyment Comes First
Whatever, whenever or wherever you work on maths ideas keep the focus on enjoyment. If there comes a time (and[...]

This Week's Ideas for Everyone

Outdoor Roman Stick Puzzles
'Matchstick puzzles' were popular in my youth, but I don't recall seeing them around anymore. I recently showed my son some of[...]
Rummikub is to numbers what Scrabble is to letters! If you've not seen or heard of the game before you need to[...]
Fun with Tessellations
Tessellations is a mathematical idea to do with tiling. It's part of Geometry and young children will first learn about it[...]
Summer Maths Runners
This is a quick 'racing' game we played on the beach. It's far from complicated and probably something you've already thought[...]
CAFE CHALLENGE: keep your distance
Another quick puzzle for those Coffee Shop moments. You know, that time when you need to stop, rest and grab a[...]