7x Table – An Interesting Pattern

mathfourseventable3Bon Crowder’s mathfour website has illustrated a useful pattern in the 7x table.

You can clearly see in the animation here how the last digit of the multiples of 7 follows the counting pattern.

Now, although this does not directly help children to remember the multiples, simply searching for patterns like this means they are ‘paying attention’ the the Times Tables. What happens to the Units pattern after 10 x 7?

There is a pattern in the Tens digits too… see if you child can spot that odd numbers appear once, but even numbers (for a while, at least) appear twice. The first few Tens digits are

12, 2, 34, 4, 5

This pattern breaks down after 9 x 7… but what happens after 10 x 7? Does the pattern return?

These kinds of questions help to direct children’s attention to the numbers in the Times Tables, and helps to reduce any levels of anxiety.

Children who work in this way are discovering things, rather than having to memorise them. The patterns also help to give them a ‘key’ into the multiplication fact.

Children feel the pressure of memorising math facts. You can reduce this pressure by moving toward something more familiar or fun – like patterns. {Bon Crowder}

Image Credit: Bon Crowder, mathfour.com



Work with your child to see if they can spot similar patterns in a Times Table they are currently learning.

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