If maths was as much fun as watching a Pixar movie we would all do it.

If maths was as tasty as chocolate and as good for you as an apple we would queue up to get some.

So, the question is, how do you make maths as fun as Pixar and as tasty as chocolate?

The answer is surprisingly simple.

But there is a catch ... the 'answer' involves you.

Maths is an important part of our children's world. Over the next few weeks, we'll share hundreds of ways we can all inspire and help our children to enjoy and understand mathematics... together.

There's no escaping it, you have to be involved too.

Here at maths.life we're not keen on checklists, but they are helpful to start with. So here are 4 starting points.

Get into the habit of spotting mathematics wherever you look. 

Find it and point it out to your children. Yes, it's in the kitchen, the adverts on TV, the car, the walk round the supermarket.... opportunities never end.

It's going to be messy - don't worry. 

Good, fun, maths work can involve mess. Children are never too old for string, glue, paper, water... building, jumping and running. If they are safe and having fun don't stress.

Don't worry about mistakes. 

As strange as it seems, mistakes are good. A mistake is a learning opportunity, so don't fret about it... just talk it through.

Ask questions. 

We don't mean those "what's 12 x 7?" type questions. Don't worry about those. No, here we're thinking more about the thinking! The "How did you do that?", "How can you be sure?", "Do you think there is another way?" type of question.

We have practical ideas and activities in each 'Summer of Maths' issue.

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