“Are We There Yet?”

Car journeys can be frustrating for everyone.

If you are off on a trip soon, you may find that this short game will help pass the time and keep the children thinking.

I was introduced to “The Great Alphabet Game” by my son. Basically, passengers (not the driver!), have to watch out for specific number plates. The idea is to find ones that progress through the alphabet. Naturally, you are looking out for a number plate with an ‘A’ in it first. After you have spotted an ‘A’ you can start looking for a ‘B’… and so on. When played properly it includes a little shouting… the first to spot a particular letter calls out their success so everyone else in the car is  aware of where they are in the alphabet.


Here is A, B, C, D…


This is a useful game – but I wanted to make it more mathematical. Hence, I invented “The (Even Greater) Counting Game”. In this version the passengers (not the driver!) look out for number plates with specific numbers. So, we are hunting for a plate with a ‘1’, after which we can search for a plate with ‘2’… and so on.


Here we have spotted 1, 2 and 3…


A quick, fun game – and one that can be over especially quickly if you drive slowly past a car park!

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