Beach Ball Multiples

Here’s a very quick 2-minute game that you can play almost by accident.

We were playing with a beach ball but you could use any ball, bean bag, or even crumpled up ball of paper.

It started as we threw the ball back and forwards between us. We just started counting with each throw. The challenge came when we asked Sophie to start counting in 5s…

She simply had to say the next number when she caught the ball…

5 (pass ball) 10 (pass ball) 15 (pass ball) 20

She quickly got the pattern of numbers in his head so we didn’t stop at 60, but just kept going way past 100.

If anyone dropped the ball we decided we had to start counting again!

100 (pass ball) 95 (pass ball) 90 (pass ball) 85


Of course, you can easily change this game to suit older children. Counting backwards is useful!

And you can use a multiple that your child is learning.

If your child is moving up to high school you could challenge them to call out other number patterns as they pass the ball, such as the prime numbers or triangular numbers.

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