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Which is the Hardest Times Table?
Way back in 2013, an educational tech firm analysed 60,000 Times Table 'answers' given by over 200 children. They found[...]
Hexa Trex – Puzzles That Make You Think
What do you do if your child is confident with their Times Tables but just needs a little extra challenge to[...]
7x Table – An Interesting Pattern
Bon Crowder's mathfour website has illustrated a useful pattern in the 7x table. You can clearly see in the animation here[...]
A Fun Dice Game
Q. How do you know children are having fun? A.You can hear them.   Q. How do you know children[...]
Number Bonds Online Game
We don't often recommend online games, but this one is a little special! "Number Bonds, Make 10" is a mathematical[...]
Beach Ball Multiples
Here’s a very quick 2-minute game that you can play almost by accident. We were playing with a beach ball[...]