Dinosaur Place Value

Place Value (knowing that a 1 in the hundreds is worth more than a 1 in the tens) is such an important concept. Unfortunately, it is also a concept that can be rushed – such that young children move on to calculating without really grasping the underlying structure of numbers.

There are many varied ways of helping children to grasp place value – on important one is to allow for lots of opportunities to practice working with large numbers in a game situation.

If your children like Dinosaurs, then this board game (Dino Math Tracks) is a perfect match of interest, fun and place value.dino-math-tracks-2

The game isn’t a ‘low cost’ solution – but it could make a perfect family gift and we found that playing really did enhance the understanding of number and place value. It’s also good fun too. Players roll dice to make four digit numbers, then use these numbers to help them race their own dinosaurs to their ‘base’ before the other players can.

Dino Math Tracks is an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award Winner.

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