Whatever, whenever or wherever you work on maths ideas keep the focus on enjoyment.

If there comes a time (and there will) when your child cannot follow something, makes mistakes or loses interest the most important approach is to Keep Calm. Don’t worry, it is perfectly natural and normal fro them to lose interest after a while… it is also perfectly normal for you to feel disappointed.

The secret is to leave the maths alone, change the subject, talk about something else, and move on. But most importantly, Keep Calm. If you show you are annoyed or impatient there is a good chance your child will grow worried, and you could put them off maths for life.

There are (at least) three easy ways to bring maths into you and your child’s life:


 Play games that use numbers, calculations or reasoning skills. Card games, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, dominoes, darts, draughts, chess … these are all perfectly ‘normal’ ways to help bring maths alive.


 Every day, involve your child in ‘real life’ situations where maths skills are needed. Checking the time, shopping, cooking, measuring, sorting or counting items … these are just a few typical situations – you will meet hundreds more every day, don’t let them slip by without noticing them.


 Make good use of ‘boring moments’, such as when queuing for something, waiting, travelling .. these are perfect opportunities to try out a maths challenge or to practice some skills.

You can do all of these immediately. So make it a commitment to work some maths magic into your family’s leisure time this year.

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