Hi-tech Treasure Hunts: geocaching

You may not have heard of ‘Geocaching’… it’s a wonderful outdoor activity.

There are millions of geocaches all over the World

There are millions of geocaches all over the World

You can think of it as a mixture of an old fashioned treasure hunt spruced up with new technology.

Geocaching started in 2001, so is a fairly new ‘hobby’, but it is increasingly popular – so you don’t have to be a geek or outdoor adventure nut to enjoy it!

In simple terms, geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt with technology acting as your map. Friendly Geocachers hide small containers filled with tiny gifts in places all over the country (nay, there are around 2 million ‘caches’ hidden around the World). The Geocachers then upload the co-ordinates to the official website and wait for others to find their cache.

To find a ‘cache’, you put the coordinates into a GPS-enabled phone and close in on the object – like a young James Bond tracking down Goldfinger. Yes, it can be an exciting activity with the thrill of feeling a little like a secret agent.


Where’s the maths?

It’s in reading the coordinates and the questions you ask as the children ‘close in’ on the hidden treasure. Geocaching will help your children to focus on compass directions and map reading; comparing the real landscape before them to the map. They will also have to plot directions to the coordinates, and make use of natural formations and contours to locate the Geocaches.


Find out more at the geocaching.com website.

[image credits: geocaching.com]

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