Learning the Times Tables is about understanding - not about memory.

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re committed to helping your children to enjoy maths. You continually strive to help them grow, get better, and reach their potential. You want your children to do the best they can, and to have a lasting impact on our world.

But something keeps getting in the way: there just seems to be too much to do and too little time. Maybe you feel like this reader

I try to help my son, but he doesn’t seem interested in maths. We talk about it in the car but usually end up arguing. I want to help but nothing seems to work. I constantly wonder what else I should be doing…

Does This Sound Like You? Be Honest.

  • Do you worry that your child just doesn't seem to understand?
  • Do you feel like there isn’t enough time to help?
  • Do you fear that it will soon be too late to do anything?
  • Do you wish you had a mentor to guide you along the way?

If so, you're not alone. All of us have felt like this at one time or another.

I know what it feels like to be in over your head - to have work get in the way of the support you want to give to your children and your family.

As a former teacher and lecturer, I understand that there’s always much more to do than there is time available. But the trick is that it isn’t enough to spend time helping your children with their maths. The real answer is not do everything, but to do the right thing.

You don't have to continue to feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to helping your children with maths skills.

maths.life is here for you

My goal in building this website

Through this blog and the Ninja courses, my mission is to give you the skills, clarity, and commitment you need to support your children. From strategies and tools to explain maths concepts, to  games and activities to make learning a fun family time... my goal is to empower you to do what matters most.