Maths Warrior Training Centre

You can help your child to really understand the Times Tables!

Our Maths Warriors have put together some unique material so you can help your child get to grips with multiplication facts. To really master and understand them deeply.

It's not difficult... and it can be fun!

Maths Warrior Training is different:

No songs

No silly stories

No arcade games

No boring worksheets

No repetitive chanting

Start today.


Follow the Training Course

It's all built in!

The material is the most comprehensive anywhere. The Ninja Maths Warriors will take you and your child through all the learning stages step-by-step.

The focus is always on meaningful understanding, and not simply memorisation.



Use the Resources and Play the Games

At any time during the course you can move away from the online learning to use our carefully designed teaching games and activities. These are real (downloadable) board games and creative activities, you can all share in the fun.


Gain Points and Earn Badges

There are short quizzes built into each 'training' session, and  your children will be able to earn reward points and printable badges to show their progress.


Go Further than the Others

We aren't restricted by the Times Tables charts... With training your child will be able to know and understand multiples far beyond the usual 12x12