Meal Time Times Tables!

From the title of this post we could be writing about multiplying items of food, or calculating the cost of multiple food-items. However, no matter how valuable those activities are, here we are thinking of something different.

For many children, learning the times tables can be a frustrating experience.

wigwam-times-table-smallOne of the key ways to help them is to make the practice part of an everyday activity.

What’s more everyday than eating? How do you make the ‘Times Tables’ a part of meal times…? You put them right on the table where they cannot be missed or ‘forgotten’.

That’s what this simple meal time Place-mat does. It only has two jobs, and it does both of them perfectly: one, to keep your table clear of spills; two, to keep the Times Tables visible and in use throughout the meal.

This gives your child plenty of opportunities to ‘play’ with the multiplication facts, and gives you the option of talking about the facts and pointing out patterns and relationships; for example, it would be easy to show that 5 x 3 is the same as 3 x 5…



The only complaint I have with the Little WigWam Multiplication Place-mat is that the cartoon illustrations appeal much more to younger children than older; yet, the place-mat itself is useful for all ages.

You can find the WigWam Multiplication Tables Place-mat here, on Amazon.


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