Hexa Trex – Puzzles That Make You Think

What do you do if your child is confident with their Times Tables but just needs a little extra challenge to keep them motivated?

It can be a problem to find the right level of challenge: it needs to be something that is not so hard that they just ‘give up’, but not too easy that they grow bored.

We found a great answer in Hexa Trex puzzles. These little blocks of hexagons (from Bogusia Gierus at NucleusLearning) offer a good level of challenge.

The object of the puzzle is to find an equation that runs across all of the hexagons. Naturally, there are also plenty of opportunities here to use their Times Tables skills.

For example, what can you make of this Hexa-Trex tile arrangement?


Here are our thoughts...

Looking at the numbers reveals there are some related multiplication facts in there. The 2 and the 4 could be seen together as 24… then there’s a 6. 24 can be divided by 6… but that doesn’t go anywhere.

Wait, the 2 and 4 could be thought of as 42. And 42 divided by 6 is 7 – Ah, that’s most of the numbers used. What about that 1?

Oh, there’s a multiplication sign. 1 x 7 is 7…

Now it makes sense!

And here's our solution...


42 ÷ 6 = 1 x 7

A single pathway that runs through all of the hexagons and makes a true mathematical equation.

If you think your children would enjoy working on this type of puzzle, you can find hundreds more on the Hexa Trex website.

And if you think some of these are a little too tricky make up some of your own (or challenge your children to create them). You can use our Hexagon paper to layout your own puzzles.

Blank Hexa-Trex paper


Image Credit: NucleusLearning.com

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