This award-winning board game is perfect for reinforcing addition and subtraction skills at home, on holiday... or anywhere.

Parents tell us this one is a definite winner!

Sum Swamp: addition and subtraction game


Great fun for all the family, we played over and over again. 


A good focus on simple calculation skills for younger children. 


Thoughtfully design, well made. Good quality and with lots of  fun, repeat-play potential.

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The 'Swamp-themed' game is designed to help children learn to calculate with small numbers.

It is best suited to 5-8 year-olds - but is great fun for all the family too. The game features a colourful 'swamp' playing board, quality playing pieces and  special dice.

Players take turns to roll all three dice and create a number sentence. Then they move along the 'swamp path' the value they have created. Sounds simple... it is, but it's fun too!

The board features a few twists and turns to keep everyone interested... However, there will be a winner: the first player to reach the 'Finish Space'.

Many parents say this, swamp-themed board game, is one of the best maths games for young children.

After only a short time playing, my children's confidence took a huge leap forward. They were quickly and happily adding and subtracting!

Mrs. Weston 

Out of all the educational board games we've played, this is a family favourite! 

Jane B. 

The game is fun, colourful and rewarding to play. Players have to add and subtract their playing pieces through a swamp. Each piece is a fun, moulded animal and the board includes odd shortcuts, loops and bonus squares. While playing, the children will practice:

  • adding and subtracting numbers from 0 to 12
  • recognising the + and - symbols
  • using odd and even numbers
  • counting forwards and backwards

You can find this great family game on Amazon, where it has a 4.9 five-star review rating!