Summer Holiday Drawing Competition

Does your child love superheroes? Does your child love drawing?

toast-logoNational Numeracy and the Maths on Toast website have combined these two interest to create a fun Summer competition.

They are looking for some creative designs for a ‘Number Superhero’.

All you need is a child (under 13), and a collection of pencils, pens, crayons and/or paintbrushes. Then you can start imagining what a ‘number superhero’ might look like.

The important bit is that the Maths on Toast people are looking for

the funniest character, best artistic skills and the most unexpected idea.

Each winner will receive a special goody bag filled with maths fun and games, including Number Rumbler, a brain-fizzing game for families.


The closing date for entries is 16th September 2016, so download the entry form and get cracking!

It’s clearly best for you and your child to come up with your own creative character… and the idea is probably more important than the finished product. But, if you are hunting for some inspiration, here’s a youtube video that may help as a starting point.



National Numeracy website
Maths on Toast website

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