Add ‘Em Up

This is a fun two-person game

You need a pencil and paper and two dice

To start, you each draw four boxes on your piece of paper. Then, write a different number in each box – the numbers should be between 2 and 12

Let your child pick their own numbers and talk about the ones they have chosen – if necessary help them to write the numerals correctly (it’s often better to write the numbers on a separate piece of paper and let them copy, rather than trying to guide their hand).


Take it in turns:

Roll both of the dice.

Add the two numbers together (it is fine if your child uses the dots on the dice to help them count to the total).

If the total is one of the numbers on your paper you can cross it out.

The first person to cross out all four numbers is named the winner.

Share  what you have done with your teacher - write about what you found out, take pictures or post a tweet to your School.

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