Card Sorting

This simple card game can be used to help with ordering numbers.

You need a pack of playing cards

Remove the cards 8-10 and the picture cards of each suit, and put them to one side. Collect the remaining 28 cards, these are the Ace to 7 of each suit, and shuffle them together.

To play the game, deal the cards to each player.

Players now sort their ‘hand of cards’ into suits. 

The player with the Ace of Spades goes first. This player places the card face up on the table.

The player on their left must now either place the 2 of Spades (if they have it) next to the first card played, or they can start a new row by placing any other Ace on the table.

Here, this player could place the 3 of Hearts on the table... or start a new row with the Ace of Diamonds.

If a player cannot place a card they must miss that turn.

The winner is the first person to use all of their cards.


As you play the game you can talk about the cards, the numbers and the order of the cards.

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