Domino battle

This is a fast-paced, two-person game which will help children to recall and use multiplication facts.

You need a set of dominoes

To start, the children mix the dominoes face-down on the table.

Then they separate them into two piles. Each player needs a group of dominoes.


Players choose a domino from their own pile and turn it face up.

They must now multiply the two numbers on their own domino and announce the product out-loud.

PLAYER 1: "I have 4 and 2... 4x2 is 8"

PLAYER 2: "I have 6 and 3... 6x3 is 18"

The player with the largest product (in this case, Player 2), wins the round.

The winner keeps his or her domino.

The other player returns their domino to the box.

Both players turn over another domino to play again:

PLAYER 1: "I have 6 and 6... 6x6 is 36"

PLAYER 2: "I have 5 and 3... 5x3 is 15"

Here, Player 1 has won with the larger product.

Keep playing until all of the dominoes have been used.

Who was lucky enough to win the most dominoes?

Share  what you have done with your teacher - write about what you found out, take pictures or post a tweet to your School.

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