Are We There Yet

This is a perfect activity for a long car journey

Ask your child to look out for a road sign which gives the distance to your destination.

When they spot it have them make a note of it and ask the driver to read out the milometer reading

For example. You are travelling to Manchester.

The sign says 40 miles.

The car milometer reads 14 226

When you pass the next road sign showing the distance to your destination repeat have your child note down this new distance and also the milometer reading.

Your child now needs to see how accurate the roadsigns are by performing a few calculations.

First sign said 40 miles to Manchester.

The car milometer read 14 226

Second sign says 25 miles to Manchester

The milometer reads 14 238

Is the sign accurate? If not, why not? What could cause the errors?

Repeat the activity with greater distances if possible.

Share  what you have done with your teacher - write about what you found out, take pictures or post a tweet to your School.

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