Domino Lines

This is a fun adding activity using dominoes.

You need a set of dominoes and paper and pencil.

Place the dominoes face up on the table.

Now, choose a domino and lay it on the table in front of you.

Can you choose a second domino to make an L-shaped line so that the row of dots at the top add to 10?

Like this:

2 + 5 + 3 = 10

Can you continue the pattern by putting another domino down to make 10 at the bottom?

The three dominoes will make a zig-zag line, like this:

How many different lines of dominoes can you make?


You can challenge your child further with this by asking them to make a line where the total of the dots is 12 instead of 10.

Share  what you have done with your teacher - write about what you found out, take pictures or post a tweet to your School.

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