I-Spy a Number

This is a fun maths game to play while out on a walk.

The game is a little like I-Spy, but points are scored for spotting particular numbers.

​As you walk, or drive, encourage your child to look out for numbers in the environment. These can be part of car number plates, house numbers or on road signs.

Once a number has been spotted, your child has to announce what it is and how many points it is worth.

The points are awarded as follows:

A multiple of 2 = 2 points

A multiple of 3 = 3 points

A multiple of 4 = 4 points

A multiple of 5 = 5 points

... and so on to 

A multiple of 12 = 12 points


The only numbers that don't fit the pattern are multiples of 10, which only score 1 point and not 10. 

Numbers can score more than once.

So, 16 could score 13 points in total 2 (x2) 4 (x4) and 8 (x8)

But a player must keep a note of their own score!

If at any point a number is mis-called the players points are reduced back to zero.

The winner is the first player to gain more than 40 points.


Pick a number at random and see if your child can work out what it's score would be:

22 scores 13

2 (for x2) and 11 (for x11)

36 scores 36

2 (for x2), 3 (for x3), 4 (for x4), 6 (for x6), 9 (for x9) and 12 (for x12)

Change the rules as necessary. You could:

  • look for numbers that are only multiples of 2 or 5
  • change the amount each number scores
  • look for more complex numbers. Square numbers or triangular numbers could score 10 each, for example.

Share  what you have done with your teacher - write about what you found out, take pictures or post a tweet to your School.

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