Draw a Magic Egg Tangram

This is a craft project to create an Egg themed Tangram

You will need card, pencils, a ruler, a pair of compasses and scissors 

A Tangram is a square, divided into pieces.

The pieces are arranged in different ways to create pictures or patterns, like this:

The instructions here are for creating a different kind of Tangram. This one is egg shaped, and can be used to create different bird images.

The construction of the Tangram follows 9 separate steps. So, while this is a fun activity, be sure you have the materials to hand and the time to complete it.

1- Start by drawing two lines on a piece of paper or (better) some card. A horizontal line (we'll call this AB), and a vertical one (labelled CD in the picture here:

2 - Use the pair of compasses set to a radius of 5cm and draw a circle with the centre on lines AB and CD:

3 - Draw two more lines. One from point A, going through the top of the circle, and one from B, through the same point:

4 - Use the centre of these two new lines (AF and BE) to draw a circle with a radius of 3cm:

5 - Draw a large arc (radius 10cm) with the centre point on B, it should touch points A and E:

6 - Repeat this on the other side, an arc (radius 10cm) with the centre point on A:

7 - Set the compasses back to the size of the circle you drew at the top (the distance between E and G, 3cm), and use them to make the mark labelled H on line CD:

8 - Draw a circle with the same radius (3cm) centred on H. Then draw in the two diagonal lines:

9 - The completed Egg Tangram outline:

Cut along the bold lines to make an egg puzzle with 9 separate pieces.

Now, see if you can put the pieces together to make any of these strange bird designs.

Have fun.

  • Three Birds


What other shapes or patterns can you make with the pieces?


There is a lot of mathematics in measuring and using the drawing tools to create the Egg Tangram. Just reading and following the instructions can be a very valuable activity.

If you don't have the drawing tools, you can find a printable version on our sister site, Mathsticks.com. There is a full pdf of Tangram puzzles and different Egg designs here: Mathsticks Egg Tangram.

Share  what you have done with your teacher - write about what you found out, take pictures or post a tweet to your School.

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