Domino Sum Challenge

This is a fun adding activity using dominoes.

You need a set of dominoes, a pencil and paper.

Select four dominoes and place them in a line on the table.

Write down the sum of each domino.

Here, the sums were 6+1= 7, 4+5= 9, 6+4= 10, 1+3= 4

Write the four sums in a row beneath the dominoes (we used a post-it note, but any paper will do).

Next, mix up the four dominoes.

Now, using the sum totals on the paper, can you put the dominoes back in the original order again?

So, you get back to this:

Okay, if that was a bit easy, try it like this:

Take five dominoes, and write the sums in order.

Mix them up just like before, but this time add in a handful of extra dominoes.

Now, find (any) five dominoes that make the right sums.

You can make this into a game. 

Choose the dominoes and write the sums, then challenge a friend to find the dominoes and put them in the right order. ​

Think how else you could change the activity.

  • use subtraction instead of addition?
  • turn the dominoes face-down and choose them at random?
  • hide one of the dominoes, can your friend find the one that is missing?

Share  what you have done with your teacher - write about what you found out, take pictures or post a tweet to your School.

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