Paper Aeroplane Challenge

This is a fun activity involving making and flying paper aeroplanes

You need five or six sheets of paper and something to measure distances with.

There is a very handy YouTube video that shows how to make five different paper aeroplanes.

Alternatively, see if someone can help your to fold an aeroplane.

If you can make a few different ones, that is ideal.

While you are folding the aeroplanes don't forget to look at the shapes that appear. You may start with a rectangle of paper, but after a fold it could become a triangle, or a pentagon.

What shapes do you see?

Okay, have you folded a few different planes?

Right, now for the real fun bit.

You are going to fly them by gently launching each on across a room. Which plane goes the furthest?

Don't forget to measure.

Does the plane go further if you angle it up as you first throw it?

What about throwing the plane with a different hand?

Try lots of different ideas and keep a note of what you find out. You could draw a graph.

Share  what you have done with your teacher - write about what you found out, take pictures or post a tweet to your School.

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