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Maths.Life - FAQs

This site, and the associated maths resources, are currently in 'Beta'.

This means they are only available for invited guest teachers, parents and children.

Who is developing the materials?

The website and resources are being compiled by me (John Duffty) - I am a university lecturer and Primary School teacher with over 30 years teaching experience (and the creator of mathsticks.com). The maths materials here are drawn from a group of teachers and educationalists in Chester and North Wales.


'Homework', particularly maths homework, as it is currently used, is very ineffective. 

Currently, school homework can be a burden for teachers, parents and children. It is often difficult to organise and monitor, and occasionally misunderstood by parents and children.

The general effect is that rather than encouraging good learning habits and developing understanding, homework becomes an invasive and unhelpful chore (for everyone).

Will people need to login to the Maths.Life site?

A school will need to login (once) to create a school page and set up invite codes.

On their first visit, parents will need to create a login using a school invite code - this links the parent to the school.

No data, other than an email address and a username will be stored.

Email addresses will only be used for security purposes (to set up and retrieve passwords, for example). 

Is this like DoodleMaths or MyMaths?


Maths.Life is about maths in the world - about families coming together to play, talk and understand mathematical ideas. It involves real games with real objects - the maths is meaningful and set in context.

Early feedback suggests that parents find using Maths.Life to be a refreshing 'bonding', or 'family-time' where one idea or question leads to some new insight.

You will recognise this... its teaching.

Do parents need to use a laptop?

No. The site is designed to work on any mobile phone or tablet.

How much does this cost?

Nothing. Access is totally free for teachers and parents.

If I have an idea for a maths activity can I add it to Maths.Life?

Yes, that is one of the purposes of this 'beta testing' period. If you have an activity you want to use that isn't here already you can let us know and we will add it.

Similarly, if you spot an error, or thing something should be re-worded, we can change it.

There is a contact form here.

How is Maths.Life different?

Teachers do not need to 'set' any homework. They simply let parents know what maths concepts they have been working on that week (or half-term).

Parents and children (together) choose an activity from the Maths.Life website that relates to the concepts taught in school.

The activities are fun games and challenges that children and parents can do together (anywhere).

How do teachers know the homework has been 'done'?

The children will want to talk about the activities - this conversation can form the start of a new piece of learning.

Children can also make notes or take images and send (or take) these into school to be discussed. 

We encourage teachers and schools to create a 'working wall' which can be used to display any work the children bring in on a particular topic.

Is the site full of online games?

There are no online games. We encourage children (and parents) to undertake real mathematical activities and challenges. This includes using real materials around the house, and paper and pencils, dice, dominoes, playing cards, for example.

Do parents need to download and print materials?

No, there are no activities which require items to be printed.

Can we link from Maths.Life to our school website?

Yes, we encourage this. You can also use a School Page to give your parents advice on how to tweet or email images of the homework back to school. You have total freedom to make this work for you, your parents and your school.

How do I take part in the Beta testing?

If you have read all of the above points and feel Maths.Life would be a good 'fit' for your school you can request access by completing the form below.

Thank you for your interest.

What are the Benefits?

For Parents and their Children

  • The homework is fun and engaging
  • Lots of different activities
  • No worksheets
  • Parents can be fully involved
  • Children love the activities (no 'nagging', no 'lost' books)
  • Use the activities anywhere: at home, on the bus, in the garden, in the car...
  • This is not an online games site!
  • Totally Free to use!

For Schools and Teachers

  • Easy to set up
  • All activities are matched to the curriculum
  • Opportunities for meaningful maths-talk
  • No homework books needed
  • No forgotten bits of paper
  • No marking
  • Access is Free!

Beta Testers Wanted!

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