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The Magnificent Seven Card Game
This is a simple card game that helps with understanding '7' You need a pack of playing cards or a[...]
Counting Cards
This is a fun activity that helps with counting and number recognition You need a pack of playing cards or[...]
Number Order with Cards
This quick activity helps children think about the order of numbers 1 to 10. You need a pack of playing[...]
Fractions of Things
This is a very useful sharing and counting activity You need a set of objects to count and sort You[...]
Domino Lines
This is a fun adding activity using dominoes. You need a set of dominoes and paper and pencil. Place the[...]
Number Line Tape Measure
This is a quick counting, adding and subtracting activity.You need a number line or a tape measure.Talk about the numbers[...]
Just Counting
We're going to practice counting.Together with your child start counting slowly from 1 to 12. Don't count too fast - leave[...]
Door Numbers
When you are out and about, walking down the street, ask your child to look at the house numbers.See what[...]