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[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”This is a Dummy Page – Click here to find out why” no=”1/1″]This ‘dummy page’ is an example of the content a School can display for their parents who use Maths.Life’s activities. 

You can decide what material does or does not appear here:

  • An image of your school 
  • The school logo
  • Links to your school website and social media (if you use this)

Only parents assigned to your school will see your page.


This is the home page of John Doe Primary School

[School Logo]

Parents, when your child has completed a homework activity you can communicate this to your child’s teacher in a number of ways:

1 – Talk to your child about what they have done so they can discuss it with their teacher back in school

2 – If you created something as part of the activity you can let your child bring it into school – we talk about homework activities on Friday afternoons

3 – We would love to see a photo of what you have done – tweet them here [School Twitter Link]

4 – You can post images to the school website [School Website Link]


Thank you,

A. Teacher
John Doe Primary