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UK Coins and Counting
This is a money themed problemYou don't need anything... but having a set of coins to hand would be useful.A[...]
£1 Shopping Challenge
This is a good activity to do when out shopping.You need a paper and pencil Imagine you have £1 to spendCan[...]
Pocket Money Budget
This is a useful activity involving pocket money You need a pen and paper If your child regularly earns pocket[...]
£1 Challenge
Here is a challenge for the next time you are out shopping. Imagine you have just £1 to spend. Find[...]
Going Shopping
While out shopping, find an item that costs less than £5.Ask your child to work out in their head the[...]
Super califragilistic expialidocious
You need a paper and pencil  Write any long word - we used words like 'photograph', 'television' or 'dinosaur'. Then,[...]