What's wrong with Homework?

Homework is stressful for children!

Most homework task are on bits of paper or in books - easily lost or messed up. There's usually colouring or counting or calculating to do, often with other distractions in the house. Homework like this is a drudge that can turn children away from the fun of maths.

Maths.Life is different: no sheets to fill in, no books to lose, just fun games and conversations. A much more meaningful way to learn.

Homework is stressful for parents!

Most parents are familiar with the push to get homework finished: the upset when it gets too late and the work has gone missing, or the last minute breakfast-rush to finish it!

Traditional homework is a chore.  Maths.Life offers quick, enjoyable activities and games you can share.

Fun conversations about maths replace all the arguments.

Homework is stressful for teachers!

Teachers can spend hours preparing homework. This usually means copying dozens of sheets of paper and keeping track of countless books. There's monitoring who did what, who lost what, and who forgot what! It leads to a huge workload of additional marking and administrative tasks. And, worst of all, children gain very little from it.

Maths.Life removes that stress. 

Maths.Life takes the work out of Homework - for everyone!

All of the activities and games have been designed by teachers and specialists to support the work your child needs to be doing to cover the curriculum.

Working with school?

If your child's school has teamed up with us they will be sending you an invitation code.

If they aren't involved with maths.life yet then be sure to tell them about us.



If you are teaching your children yourself (or if your child's school hasn't joined us yet) you can still make use of all of the maths.life materials by using our Homeschooling access.

Maths.Life reduces workload, increases engagement, understanding and fun...

and it's free.

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