This is a different way to play the 'Would You Rather...' gameNormally, [...]

Would You Rather

This is a very useful way to explore how calculations are affected [...]

Order of Operations

In this activity you give your child a mathematical fact, and they [...]

A Handful of Facts

You say to your child:"If the answer is 10, what could the [...]

The Answer is 10…

This is a useful activity involving pocket money You need a pen [...]

Pocket Money Budget

This is a perfect activity for a long car journey Ask your [...]

Are We There Yet

Here is your mission You need a calculator Enter the number 999 [...]

Mission down to 1

Here is your mission You need a dice some paper and a [...]

Mission to 999

While out shopping, find an item that costs less than £5.Ask your [...]

Going Shopping

This is an investigation using numbers You need a book and a [...]

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