This is a different way to play the 'Would You Rather...' gameNormally, [...]

Would You Rather

Here a number puzzle that can be made as easy or as [...]

The ‘L’ Number Puzzle

This is a fun number activity with dominoes. You need a set [...]

Domino Number Challenge

This activity is designed to get children thinking permutations, how many different [...]

Colouring Flags

This is a money themed problemYou don't need anything... but having a [...]

UK Coins and Counting

You say to your child:"If the answer is 10, what could the [...]

The Answer is 10…

Sudoku puzzles offer an excellent way to help children develop their use [...]

Sudoku Puzzles

This is an investigation using numbers You need a pencil and some [...]

Consecutive Numbers

No Guessing AllowedRead these statements to your child, each set describes a [...]

No Guessing Allowed

While out shopping, find an item that costs less than £5.Ask your [...]

Going Shopping

This is a quick numbers gameYou need a paper and pencilWrite the [...]

My Secret Number